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Activist Memoirs Database

This database created by and for students, researchers, and faculty at Smith College serves to collect and categorize memoirs of activists and their incredible life stories.

Published onAug 14, 2023
Activist Memoirs Database

The Activist Memoirs Database serves as a growing collection of stories describing the incredible lives of activists. It serves as a resource for researchers, students, and anyone else interested in learning about the various ways activist leaders have manifested change. The database provides the title, author, a link to buy each book online, and a short summary of each book. It categorizes the memoirs based on the primary activism-related issue (e.g. education, environmentalism, BIPOC rights, etc.) in order to facilitate user experience in finding memoirs within a specific topic of interest. This database is intended to be a collaborative, growing resource such that anyone who comes across an activist memoir worthy of being included can add the information directly.

This database was created for the Community Engagement and Social Change concentration at Smith College.

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